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      "My lord baron," said Sudbury, sternly, "it is not well that a man of your experience should speak thus. Give not your countenance to an act that may yet lie heavy upon your soul!" Richard's cheek kindled as the baron stood rebuked; and with the generous indignation of youth, he said, in a tone of evident displeasure"But does my lord remember the last time I was there? He didn't want me thenhe told me he shouldn't be counselled by such as I. There is no rent due, and I have done no wrongand there can be no business for me at the castle."

      "I am afraid, Isabella," replied De Boteler, "that the knave has escaped us. Dean Forest is a royal demesne, and a bondman, remaining unclaimed, in such a place, for a year and a day, can claim the privilege of a king's villein."

      "But, Turner," said the men, "we must not take this answer to the baron."

      "Aye," said Rugge, "that is as it should beI know where I could carry all the hats I could make, and sell them for a good price, if I were but free of the place."

      A shriek from the women who had clustered around the treasurer, made matters worse; for, attracted by the noise, the chapel was instantly filled with armed men.


      "His life is spared till after the conference," said the treasurer; "his freedom depends upon the disbanding of the Essex men."


      Isabella saw, by the undaunted look with which the smith regarded De Boteler, that no good would result from this interview; and as she could not, with propriety, interfere any further, she arose, and left the apartment.